Right Fit

Garage Door Motors


  • Powerful 100W electric motor end enclosed gearbox assembly.
  • Easy to program control panel with Led display.
  • Easy to follow setup procedures.
  • High capacity 24 volt battery back up facility available.
  • Closed chain system with robust traveler assembly.
  • Multiple functions such as Maintenance Flashing, Nine Level Sensitivity Adjustment and Auto Close Function.
  • Gear box equipped with ferrous bronze main gear for increased reliability.
  • Operator supplied with onboard code hopping receiver and 2x4 button slide top transmitters.
  • Robust construction with steel reinforcing plate inside the motor covers.

Pro Alpha Infinity

Technical Specifications:

  • Simple installation and setup, no need to remove motor cover.
  • Powerful high torque 150 W DC motor.
  • The Electronic safety "Overload" Sensing System is monitored 30 times per second and is set automatically during installation , Manual over ride of up to 10% above auto-set.
  • All installations 'on hardware Is supplied as standard equipment.
  • Two courtesy lights - 40 W Max each,
  • Continues 24 Volt operation , trickle charging from 220 - 250 VAC mains supply.
  • Reference limit switch In "closed door" position.
  • The operator will open a single sectional door approx. 20 times before recharging is needed.
  • Complies with South African and international standards - SANS · IEC 60335·2 ·95 and meets or exceeds all US Federal, State and UL safety requirements.
  • Backed by a Brano Industries 3 Year Limited Warranty.

DTS ALT 600 Sectional GDO

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Input: 220 VAC 50Hz
  • Motor: 24V DC 100W
  • Courtesy light time: 3 minutes
  • Open and close force: 600 N
  • Reception frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Sensitivity:>1 V for correct receiver signal
  • average range 50m, with an aerial
  • Decoding: Rolling code
  • Transmitter power: 12V Battery
  • Globe: 220V 25 watt screw type
  • Slow Start & Slow Stop Operation

DTS 12R Roller GDO

Technical Specifications:

  • 24 Vdc Motor designed for roller garage doors.
  • Automatic safety reverse / automatic door stop.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Manual override in case of power failure.
  • Works with most roller doors.
  • Rolling code on board receiver.
  • Auto close facility.
  • Full spares and service backup.
  • One year warranty.
  • Optional battery backup.

Digidoor III

Technical Specifications:

  • 24 Vdc Motor with integrated gearbox.
  • Mains/Battery: 230Vac with 24V battery backup.
  • Microprocessor- based controller.
  • Feature Selection: Features are link-selected.
  • Super Het ekey receiver on-board with KeeLoq security.
  • Adjustable obstacle sensing.
  • Status Indicator.
  • Audible Alert.
  • Adjustable Open-Position Stop.
  • Wall console with Open/Close, Light control and Lock switch.
  • Supports Most Types of Safety Beams.
  • 'Endless Loop' Chain-drive system.
  • 60-watt Security Light.
  • Auto-Close Mode.
  • Self-setting Limits.

The Automatic option

If you've ever had to open your garage door in the rain or at night you will appreciate the benefit of automating your garage door. In this day and age, with personal security a very real consideration, more and more people prefer only to get out of their cars once they are inside an illuminated garage with the doors safely closed and locked.

Our door operators lock automatically and a light comes on as the door is opening. Our doors also have an inbuilt sensitivity beam which will automatically reverse the door should it detect an obstruction.

We prefer to make use of automation units which come with a battery back-up so that in the event of a power failure the door will still be able to open and close but also provide our clients with a manual override. The door is controlled by the simple touch of a button on a remote control unit.